20 Years PREAMS GmbH

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

What started in 2002 as an idea, stands today, as a result of our passion, curiosity and perseverance, as a strong company: PREAMS. Much has changed since 2002 – laser ablation technology, innovations in punching and embossing tools, and several developments in high-resolution measurement technology.

But some things haven’t changed in the last 20 years; specifically, our dedication to high-quality precision work, the desire to explore new avenues and possibilities, and our determination to constantly identify solutions that are unique to our customers. We are thrilled that you are a part of our narrative in this way. On March 20, 2022, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Best regards
Björn Büchel

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Björn Büchel
Precision Ablation Measuring

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